Friday, September 30, 2011

Computer Literacy for Elementary Students

Children should not be behind the development of technology. "The Master Plan for Basic Education (1996-2005) has the mandate of modernizing education. The programme is being pursued through the introduction of modern instructional materials––such as computers and Internet, videos, well equipped science laboratories and machine shops as well as libraries - DepEd”. Education is a fundamental human right; every child is entitled to it.
It is good to know that our government is not isolating our children to our technological development. Considering it was funded by our government, and supervised by DepEd, 74% of Filipino schoolchildren surveyed nationwide are computer literate with access to the internet (UNICEF-AIJC).

The government did their part, and it is beyond on their reach to monitor the attitude of student towards technology. Some are reported that this step draws an incredible exposure of our youngster to our valued technology, but on the other hand there are drawbacks when these children are overexposed to the said technology. Some are getting dependent into it; they consider it as if a part of their childhood. Instead of physical activity outdoor, they prefer to stay at home and sit to play online games or visiting their social networking sites.

These technologies can feed information; generate ideas to the extent of childhood development, but there are  factors to be considered that they must thought also the appropriate usage and function, Information technology ethics and the supervision of their parents/teachers. Elementary pupils aged 7-10 years old are still vulnerable or might exposed to pornography, gambling and addiction if not monitored.


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