Monday, December 5, 2011

Take Down


Take Down

“Mitnick and Shimomura meet twice in the movie, one of which prompts Kevin to flee to Seattle. This meeting did not actually take place.
In the movie, Mitnick hacks into Shimomura's computers and steals/deletes his files and software. Mitnick admits hacking Shimomura's computers using IP spoofing but claims he never caused any damage to anyone by deleting files or data, merely copying source code of some software, out of curiosity.” 
Criticism and Inaccuracy (
  The movie compelled the viewer like it happens for real. If we will consider the Criticism and Inaccuracy (, what the directors’ (Joe Chappelle and stars Skeet Ulrich and Russell Wong.) did is unethical.  The value of ethics is getting lower apart from information technology.
About the Characters

Kevin David Mitnick
He was the main character of the story. He is a generous person who cracks private and public institution’s system to get something (information, data) from it and earn.  He sometimes gave his things to public for free. Ethically speaking, he is a no good man who want to know everything and consider things as pun. He always want to prove something, he don’t want to have somebody before him. Before he did his thing, he knew that it is illegitimate, that he prefers to play with power.  He believes that no one can get what one can’t see.
            Tsutomu Shimomura
He was a private security consultant and hacker. He bites the bait of Kevin David Mitnick, and they played together. In the movie, with conviction he described Kevin as a cracker.  
A hacker is a person who is proficient with computers and/or programming to an elite level where they know all of the in's and out's of a system. There is NO illegality involved with being a hacker. A cracker is a hacker who uses their proficiency for personal gains outside of the law. EX: stealing data, changing bank accounts, distributing viruses etc. What the hacker does with their knowledge of systems within the definition of the law is what defines them as hacker vs. a cracker. It's then safe to say that all crackers are hackers, but not all hackers are crackers. This is an important distinction.  –

Whether the movie is a true story or not, it shows how ethics played an important role of our life. If it is low are high, it can affect the human personality, family and his/her situation. Issues of Ethical values are not in particular time, it happened before, at present and in the future.  Ethics just disappears when we are in pleasure doing what is wrong, and we remember it when we faced the blind consequences.  Nowadays, there is more Kevin around us giving more than what we want, and unknowingly we enjoyed it and spread the fruit of internet dependency.